I’m not much for gossip but if you treat people like shit, no matter if you’re rich, educated, whatever it is, you’re not much of a great person. So, I will gladly talk shit about my landlord, cruela de vil. My landlord invited my Honey and I for Christmas dinner. She was nice to invite me for some random Holiday dinner occasion as well. But, other than that, SHE. IS. MEAN. She interrupts you when you’re trying to tell her something. She tells you off about something and makes you feel bad about it. She lies. She is manipulative. And, for someone who earns hundreds of thousands of dollars, she’s stingy to her employees. I know this because she is also my boss. I’m her admin. I do her social media but I heard it from her housekeeper that she’s stingy. Not only is she stingy, she’s the one who put herself out there when we were all at the dinner table and yelled it over the table to her loser ass husband that he better not eat all of it or else there won’t be any leftovers for tomorrow. Who does that? We’re all sitting there eating and when you say that out loud and we all hear it, why bother eating? It’ll make us uncomfortable to take portions. That’s like saying, here, have a glass of water… just sip it though because I still have gallons of gallons in the back to last an apocalypse and I don’t want you drinking too much. About being stingy. Her housekeeper said that she received a gift card and that was it. To me, I don’t give a fuck if she gives me anything. Nothing will change my perspective of her because she is truly an ass hole. I don’t care if she’s tired all the time. Just because you’re tired, doesn’t mean you have to take out your negative energy on other people. She’s an adult. And, she’s old. So, she’s an old grumpy ole woman. She should know better. If you’re tired, then don’t take on too much and don’t skip your sleep, oh but no, she’ll just sleep for 5 hours and then take out her negative energy on you when she can. In my case, she’ll interrupt me when I’m trying to be considerate for her controlling ass anyway. That fucking annoyed me so much. So, though I’m not one for gossip, it was FUN talking shit about her with her housekeeper. We even talked shit about her husband because he’s so “odd” as the housekeeper said. He’s an asshole himself. I don’t know if these people are just old… but it’s like they forgot what it was like to be young, too. Like I’ve said. I have mood swings and I get pissed off easily if you trigger my stressors and she does it all the time, but I hold it in and try to find good things in her but it’s come to the point where I’ve had enough. I’m just waiting for her or her husband to  confront me one last time… and it’s ON THEM. Not me. ON THEM. I’m not family. So, don’t fucking treat me like shit. Yeah, I think I should key their car in but I think, the best thing to do if I were to do anything to their car would be subtle things. I’ll find things that are subtle that will rot their car slowly from the inside rather than keying their car. She fucking raised my rent, too. Not by percentage either. This woman is literally rich and I know that her intentions is to live a simple life, but to be so stingy and mean to others makes her a horrible person. You know what makes her a horrible person? Because she’s mean. She takes shit out on you when she’s tired or angry. She tells you off every time she finds something you did wrong—even though it’s something very little. Oh, and don’t get me started on her husband. Fucking loser. He needs to get his medication tweaked or something. He’s got bad energy. Not even negative… just BAD. They’re so fucking rich and they took my Tupperware. YES, the only Tupperware that I have that I put my sugar in. So, I took it back and put my sugar in it. And, I guarantee you that this is going to come up and all I’m going to say is that it is ACTUALLY MINE and I found it from my STORAGE UNIT and I have always put my SUGAR IN IT. They just started using it. I was so scared of them at first because they’re so mean and they are always angry at me but, would tell me off, and if they wanna’ be like that, then, fine. It’s time they see my true colors. Who’s that? The one who talks back, has a bitchy attitude, the one who doesn’t take shit from people. I was so humble, grateful for these people but if they’re just going to take advantage of my niceness, then they don’t deserve my respect and they actually lost my respect. The only reason why I was nice to them was because they were OLD. Respect your elders. Well, they’re mean people so they don’t count. I still don’t care if you’re in a club that does charity. You’re still a bitch. And an asshole. I think she needs to get her head checked. And, that’s it. Get your own Tupperware with your own hundreds of thousands of dollars. And if you’re stingy and don’t want to spend, then go to Goodwill and get your own. This is the only Tupperware I have for my sugar. This is ridiculous. It’s ridiculous because they took my shit, raised my rent, when they’re so fucking rich…. ALREADY. Stingy ass mother fuckers. They better not bring up this Tupperware, or it’s on like a shit storm.

And remember… go pro, and blow shit out of the water. RISE.

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I am currently doing a 365 day challenge of listening to my favorite motivational speaker. I will be listening/reading to Les Brown for the next 365 days and then blogging about my self-improvement of all different aspects of my life called the well-rounded wheel: health, financial, mental, spiritual, intellectual, family, social, etc. I will use this to self-reflect for my growth in self-improvement. This blog is for my 5-year plan. I started this in 2015, August on my Birthday because I’ve realized that time just keep passing by and doing the same thing over and over again and expecting the same results has finally sunk into my brain that I was one of them thinking that I would get different results. That stopped on my Birthday last year. Now, I do check-ins during New Year’s Eve/Day which I just did my first one 2 nights ago. I like doing mine on my Birthday because it’s for me AND doing New Year’s resolution puts too much pressure on people and if they break it, they beat themselves up, lose their drive and just give up. I’ve come to realize that what works for me is working on myself for myself on my Birthday and then just doing check-ins New Year’s Eve/Day and this keeps me focused and motivated. 1 year is not enough. You need big goals, like 5 years and let 1 year be a milestone. (More on that on my blogs). I have broken down my dreams into goals and plans. I allocated them into smaller goals and plans and put them into SMART goals plans: specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-sensitive, because, c’mon….dreams don’t come true UNTIL you write them down into action plans, and hence, this site is born for MY OWN DREAMS. There will be inspirational quotes, inspirational articles with my take on them, and plenty other resources of inspirational/motivational everything and everyone that I can think of to assist in my personal growth and all aspects of my life. And, most importantly… it’s my place to write about whatever I want to write about and anything that interests me, so this is also a hobby for myself. So, welcome, come along the journey ride and watch me grow or you can tag along and grow with me. Happy New Year! My 2016 is amazing so far!! :) It’s also a place for me to just… grow and express my creativity and learn about myself.

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