When I’m at the grocery store, I pick up random shit and look for an unattended victim’s shopping cart and drop it in their cart. It’s usually a pack of marshmallows or a tin can of sausages. Anything random. When it’s rainy, I like to find a puddle on the side of the street and speed up so I can make a splash and see it through my side windows. I like puddles. I run and jump into them when I wear my old Nikes. If this is considered immature, then you must lead a boring life. When you get to know me, I am actually a very serious person. I take life very seriously. It means, I take life so seriously that I choose to have fun because I love life. I don’t want to have a boring life so I know how to entertain myself. I’ve learned through all these years that you gotta’ love yourself and while I’m at it, I’m going to have fun… and if you wanna’ stay young, fuck someone years younger than you. Haha. I know I do. No, but for reals, though. I may seem like an extrovert, but I am actually a combination of both an introvert and an extrovert. I’m an ambivert. I’ll party it up with you, but then I’ll let you lead the rest of the center of attention. I used to be the center of attention or the life of the party, but I get over it really quick because I like to space out from time to time. It’s because I get bored so easily. I just think life is too short to be too serious, you know? Adults are boring. I know that I have to be an adult in certain situations, but other than that, I love to have fun. I cuddle furry animals and squeeze ‘em until they make a sound. I love dancing at a boutique when I hear a good EDM while I’m skimming through racks of dresses. I do the robot in my car or liquid while waiting in traffic. I sing along in a baby voice to pop music if it’s too high. I high-five myself when I’ve come up with something genius that I’ve only come up with. I talk to my stuffed toys. I have a giraffe, a lion and a monkey… and my fave banny. They look like teddy bears though, so don’t picture a giraffe with a long neck. He looks like a teddy bear, but he has spots like a giraffe and cute, tiny antennas. My lion, poor thing, still has a hole in the back of his head. He needs surgery. Puffs of cotton are showing. Then, I have my monkey that props up my chin when I go to sleep and I’m on my side. And, I sing to my pets every time I greet them. You are my sunshine, my only sunshine, you make me happy, when skies are gray. And, if you want to get to know me more, please make yourself at home and leave a question by leaving a comment so I can better share in detail. I’m running out of shit to blog about and it’s only Day 24. This mother fucker… I gotta’ come up with long-term goals so I can break down this shit. Cool beans.


Word count: 570 (Wow, something short, finally)


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I am currently doing a 365 day challenge of listening to my favorite motivational speaker. I will be listening/reading to Les Brown for the next 365 days and then blogging about my self-improvement of all different aspects of my life called the well-rounded wheel: health, financial, mental, spiritual, intellectual, family, social, etc. I will use this to self-reflect for my growth in self-improvement. This blog is for my 5-year plan. I started this in 2015, August on my Birthday because I’ve realized that time just keep passing by and doing the same thing over and over again and expecting the same results has finally sunk into my brain that I was one of them thinking that I would get different results. That stopped on my Birthday last year. Now, I do check-ins during New Year’s Eve/Day which I just did my first one 2 nights ago. I like doing mine on my Birthday because it’s for me AND doing New Year’s resolution puts too much pressure on people and if they break it, they beat themselves up, lose their drive and just give up. I’ve come to realize that what works for me is working on myself for myself on my Birthday and then just doing check-ins New Year’s Eve/Day and this keeps me focused and motivated. 1 year is not enough. You need big goals, like 5 years and let 1 year be a milestone. (More on that on my blogs). I have broken down my dreams into goals and plans. I allocated them into smaller goals and plans and put them into SMART goals plans: specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-sensitive, because, c’mon….dreams don’t come true UNTIL you write them down into action plans, and hence, this site is born for MY OWN DREAMS. There will be inspirational quotes, inspirational articles with my take on them, and plenty other resources of inspirational/motivational everything and everyone that I can think of to assist in my personal growth and all aspects of my life. And, most importantly… it’s my place to write about whatever I want to write about and anything that interests me, so this is also a hobby for myself. So, welcome, come along the journey ride and watch me grow or you can tag along and grow with me. Happy New Year! My 2016 is amazing so far!! :) It’s also a place for me to just… grow and express my creativity and learn about myself.

4 thoughts on “DAY 24: RANDOM SHIT ABOUT ME”

  1. I’m an introvert/extrovert mashup too! I’ve always referred to myself as a fake extrovert because I tell people things freely that seem like they’re important but they’re not really. Loved this post – you seem like someone Id enjoy hanging out with! Xx

    1. Hi! Thanks for your response and reading my random blog! 🙂 😀 Yes, I feel you on the fake extrovert part. I find myself being genuinely interested in their story, but if it takes them too long, I tend to space out and get tired. lol You seem like someone I’d hang out just by your response as well! Thanks for stopping by! Happy Holidays!

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