Alright, it’s time. This will be my last post. If you would like to follow me in my new wordpress site/blogs, please add your email address in the comment section and I will email you the link. Or, I can email you first. Mine is on the PS. I have 2 WordPress sites: The first is about my health (similar stuff like I have on this kelofduty site except I’m not going to advertise what I have… it’ll just be a part of the blog but not the main focus) and being well-rounded and then the other one is going to be about how I’m doing at work, steps to working on my job and career goals/dreams/plans– it’s more random and for me; how to break down the big goals into small ones and achieve them– tracking goals and plans. Motivation. Inspirational quotes. Sharing things I’ve learned from motivational speakers, authors… what story is behind the mandala I colored today. What blue means to me today and why did I pick gray rather than green… just incorporating everything. I want to share some quotes about getting things done, paste some info from YouTube on here of some amazing motivational speakers that I think would be helpful. Hopefully learn more about your story, too if I do find you on that site. So these sites are for me. It’s more of a necessary hobby because it’s therapeutic but it’s also very healthy for me. It’ll help keep track of my progress and raise my standards when I meet these goals, plans and expectations. I can’t make up my mind just yet, but I need to start writing again. I’m 19 days behind on it. It helps keep the focus on my goals and plans to help keep the inertia for the year and for my 10, 5 year goals and plans. Lots have happened this month already and I’m wanting to express these things. Kelofduty will be stagnant for a while, but as I grow in the other websites…yada yada yada. I’m thinking of creating them for motivation and mandalas. I just don’t know how to incorporate those two just yet. I’m just in the pre-contemplating stages as of now. Plus, I’ve been researching for mandala books that I want to color, and I just can’t fucking find the right style that I want and it’s frustrating me. I’m currently working on one right now and some of her shit, for an art therapist, isn’t cutting it. No offense to her shit, but it’s just not my style but it’s getting me by…

Alright, if you’re still interested in my ramblings and bitchiness, just comment me your email address and I’ll send you those links right away. I’m not going anywhere, I’m just changing links for my blogs and not using Kelofduty anymore– not until I create my own mandalas… like, later. And, if not, just email me first (*see PS for email addy).

Hope all of you are well, and are having a GREAT year so far. It’s only the 27th of Jan., so don’t give up. There is always tomorrow to start over again.

Don’t give up. Blow shit out of the water, always.


If you don’t feel comfortable leaving your email addy here, you can email me first:

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So I had a dream that I was eating debris of weed that were left over from a Ziploc bag in the bathroom. I remember just sitting there on the floor chewing them up. I felt the rush hit my head and I was high and anxious at the same time and then it just dawned on me why I stopped smoking (in my dream). This was a dream and in that dream I said, “Oh no no no, shit. I forgot! I get hallucinations when I smoke! I better stop!” Then next thing I knew I had a half a chocolate chip cookie in my hand and I took a bite of it and I felt a fog in my head and I felt really high. I was so scared to hear voices. I didn’t know why I forgot why I quit smoking and why I just kept taking eating it. It’s because I watched an episode of Nurse Jackie on Netflix last night, “Apple bong” where she took hits off an apple bong she made and baked special chocolate chip cookies for a patient.

It looks like I’ve been getting more readers on this blog. It’s too bad that I’m going to discontinue this site. I don’t know when I’ll come back. I will be blogging here for a couple more weeks. If you’ve been reading my past blogs, I mentioned that I quit quitting. Just because I’m closing this one doesn’t mean I have quit. I have 2 new blogs that I’ve created: One, for job-evaluations. I will blog everyday and see how I’m doing daily with my new job. It’s a great job and I want to advance in this career. And the second blog is about my life, basically. It’ll focus on self-improvement and all aspects of my life and how to achieve my goals by sharing insights on motivational speakers and authors… sharing articles that can helps us get there. You will see me grow from there as this year progresses till the next new years eve. I want to write over there because this one was tied about my mental illness. I don’t want to go in that direction anymore. I don’t want to write about my depression, or my mania, or my past. Maybe someday, I want to publish an e-book because I’m so talkative and I can’t write less than 500 words and in that ebook I will write about my past hospitalizations, the amazing people I met at the residential treatment center that I was in for 90 days and then another 90 days. And how I rose from all those failures and conquered it from recovery to journey. I have a lot of those but I feel like now is not that time. The 31 day writing challenge was fun. It just goes to show how powerful taking one day at a time can really get you to meet your goals and challenges… So, those two blogs are going to be about my life but without mentioning my mental illness anymore. I want this for myself. I haven’t written in 11 years so I really need a lot of practice, too.

If you want to know the 2 new blogs that I have, just email me. kelofduty @ and include your blog’s site address so I know you’re legit. I’m heading up there now to get started. I don’t have resolutions. I have goals and plans and they usually start on my birthday. So, every 8th of the month, I do check ins and I start any type of “resolutions” on the 8th, but I’m going to go ahead and start my blogs now so I’m on a roll by the time it hits the 8th of January. I mean, it’s just harsh to start your resolutions (if you do) on the 1st. you gotta’ ease into it or you’re going to end up beating yourself up and giving up completely. Just know that it takes one day at a time… and they add up in the end. I skipped some days during my 31 day challenge, but I still took it one day at a time and for the most part, I kept to the habit. Now, I’ve completed the challenge. If I can do that for a month, what more with other new plans and goals in different aspects of my life.

Next topic on my blog… what a jack ass I was about my landlord. She proved me wrong during the Holidays. Let’s see what this new week of 2016 brings.

And remember, blow shit out of the water and go pro.



Your bipolar can give you a boost of confidence. Back in 2003, I tried out for Miss Philippines. At that time, I was in a bikini modeling contest with the same television network and I signed a contract that said you can’t be in both and so I had to back out. But, I made it to the next screening. It wasn’t a big deal. It’s not like I would have won or anything. *shrug* I just did it for fun. When I saw how some of these girls answered the questions, I thought, if they can do it, I can too…. But, you just never know what your Bipolar powers can do for you. Some can make you feel like superman. Others… a beauty queen. I had false confidence, or maybe though, hey, if she can strut her ass in a bikini, then so can I… and so I joined the network. If I only thought it out better, maybe I could have been working for that company, but I like where I’m at now. I’m stable. My paychecks are steady. I have a roof over my head. I have loving people around me. I’ve got my own wheels. I’ve got a real career ahead of me and I’m getting another Bachelor’s Degree. Last but certainly not the least, I’ve got a sexy man who looks like Ryan Gosling.

Modeling in the Philippines is stressful if you don’t have your own entourage, especially if you’re not an actor. You need a very well-rounded gay with you who can do your hair, your make up, do your errands for you, pump you up when you’re stressed… tell you that you are fierce when others intimidate you and your gay. When you start from becoming a stranger into it compared to a seasoned model, it’s hard. You don’t know where you’re going to be next. Whereas, for me, right now, I’ve found security. I know where I’m at, but I just wanted to check out what’s been going on with the Philippines because it’s about fucking time we won. Our country is passionate about this shit. It’s lame, I know, but our gays are so open about it. They love that shit. I just went on her Instagram to try and relate to her. Yes, I used to relate to women like her. I was once “poised”, I was once graceful and if I needed to work it, I could strut my stuff, but to keep it real, I’m not LIKE THAT. I’m a tomboy at heart but a queen… queen bitch. I used to look up to poised, demure, conservative women, but fuck that. That’s not who I am. I’m a gamer, someone who chills out with my homies, and I crack up out loud. I’ll dress up like her, be poised when needed be, but I’m hella’ laid back. So, I tried to relate to her by researching some stuff about her and the only thing we have in common is that we are both Filipina. That’s it. My features aren’t even close to her features. I’m too exotic. And I mean that based on my features, not as something cocky or anything. She has a softer, Filipina, fair-skinned type of face. I’m tanned now. I still have my long, straight, black hair. And, sure, I’m proud to be Filipina because we won… and yeah, it’s great we got some Filipina beauty going on… and I just YouTubed her answer, too. She did a great job, especially with a nerve-wracking place to do it at. Mind you, I did not watch the show. I’m not into pageants… anymore. But it’s got me thinking how much I’ve let go of myself. I have gained some weight since I was Miss Universe’s age. About… 20 pounds now. My Honey is very supportive and tells me it’s because of my medication. And, he’s right, but if I really want to keep it real with myself? And, really reflect on this for just a sec here? I think I’ve let myself go… *shrug* But, I’m not sure what kind of plan I have for my physical appearance. I don’t care about how much I weigh. I’m more about my physical appearance and since I have gained this weight, I have an ass now, like if I slide my hand down my back side, I actually have a bump there. I used to be a C cup, and now I’m a D cup. Those are all the good things that came from gaining weight, but my stomach is a no go. Uh-uh. No… *sigh* So, with my well-rounded wheel that I’m reflecting for the New Year’s Eve… there’s going to be some challenges, but I do know that it’s not going to take an over-night resolution-wish-list bull shit NOR a one-month, or even a year thing. It’s going to have to be a lifestyle… *shakes head* I wanna’ get back to being 105lbs, but I’m not in my twenties anymore. I’m not that model anymore… and I kinda’ like having an ass and bigger tits. And if I start my work-outs, I’m going to get in that zone again and lose this so I’m going to have to find a program that suits me and keep my tits and my ass… but say goodbye to my 2015 lower-pootch. Coz that’s what you are, mother-fucker, a 2015 lower ab pootch. Ima get rid of you for the rest of my life. Not just for one year…. For a whole lifestyle. So, happy new year.

Mabuhay ang Pilipinas.

Word Count: Doesn’t matter. I completed my 31-day writing challenge… this could be my last blog.

Just remember to blow shit out of the water… AND GO PRO.


I’m a blogger, a logger, and a tracker. But, I’m sick right now. It’s like, there’s a second switch somewhere that says “FREEZE” and everything is just so cold that not even a heater can warm you up fast enough. Bitch. I can hardly swallow without feeling sand paper scratch my throat. My bladder’s acting up. My nose is stuffed. And, I feel weak and warm. There is one, huge thing that is happening as I speak that is wonderfully amazing: My New Job. And, I love it. There are too many variables, so I’m not even going to get into it. I just want to free write.

I think after I’m done with my 31-day writing challenge, I might change it up. I don’t think I’ll be writing about Bipolar, depression, or BPD and etc… I don’t know. I’m kinda’ over it. I want to talk about self-improvement and strategies to getting shit done and achieving goals or how I’m doing them. I want to use this blog to write about my random experiences in everyday life or write about what I’ve accomplished so far. *pursed lips* I didn’t quit. I’m just redirecting. Talking about my illness is just plain depressing. *sigh* I’m also slacking on my logging and tracking right now. I’m usually on top of that shit but today was my first day of work and I’m exhausted because I’m not feeling well so I’ll just have to catch up with everything this weekend. I have a 3-day weekend. I know, they love us over there. If I could blow shit out of the water in my interview, imagine the things I can do with the rest of my days…

Monday’s done. I rocked it. One day at a time. Traffic wasn’t bad. I fed myself. drank some tea. Laid in bed and kept warm. Tomorrow, I’ll make sure to dress warm-ER. Mm… I’m hungry. I think I’m going to have a bowl of oatmeal… with chocolate chips in it. Not the healthiest thing at night, and I know it’s not good for my throat so I’m going to gargle some salty water. And, again, I have no idea as to how I’m going to structure this. Self-improvement. Short stories of my real life. Tracking. Logging. Blogging.

Meditation, I’m half way there. 60 more days and I have to level it up to Level 2. Still don’t know what’s next.

I got some awesome gifts. Can’t wait to color them in, but I’m too sick to do that right now. I’m just going to not move as much as possible.

Then, there’s my charts and tracking. I haven’t touched them in a month.


So much for going consecutive all month, but it’s longer than the last month. I need to find a really good reward. I need to have something detailed. And, I think I’ll start ending my blogs with a quote. But, back on my rewards. The more challenging and more commitment needed in terms of intensity and time, the bigger the reward. Some thoughts on this…

A Mac Laptop, the latest. If I want to go to Graphic Design school, I have to have the best of the best. And, in order to have the best, you have to be the best. So, this will be a very good motivation for my 90-day-probation at work. I will start this…ASAP.

That’s it for now. I’m also thinking of a camera. A GOOD ONE. YouTube. But, it’s not going to be of me. Not yet, I think. I want it to be about creativity. Stuff I create.

To have the best. Be the best. – Kel of Duty

And, remember: Go pro and blow shit out of the water. If you don’t do it now… then the fuck when?

Word Count: 630



I’m kinda’ out of it today. I think I partied too hard with my Honey this past Friday because it’s already Sunday and I’m still pooped. I feel disoriented, but at least my hangover is gone. I didn’t eat anything substantial though. I just had one slice of pizza for breakfast and then one slice of pumpkin pie just this afternoon. I wanted to make chocolate chip pancakes because it’s usually my tradition that I do every Sunday, but I’m just not feeling it. I think I’m a little anxious, too because I want to do things because I’m bored but I’m forcing myself to try and rest and relax because it’s going to be a busy week ahead. It’s going to be a good one, I know for sure, but I really need to just sit still for a bit and wait for things to just happen…

I didn’t mediate this past Friday or blog, but I did have a great time with the Honey. I finished a whole bottle of wine and I said I wasn’t even tipsy and then 5 minutes in the bottle was empty, I was thinking of having another but I started giggling. My Honey and I started wrestling like pups. He had me twisted up like a pretzel and I just laughed and kept saying, “I got you. I got you. I got youuuu…” And he said, “Where? I don’t see it.” And I would just move my head, even though it’s still stuck and I would say, “Seee? I got you…” Nope. He’s got me in a head lock. So, I was pretty much drunk because I was laughing pretty hard. Next thing I know I got shoved into his laundry basket and I landed on my ribs and that hurt like a rug burn because I landed on the rim of  it and slid downwards, but I was too much in a good mood and he kept saying sorry in between laughter. It’s so much fun to be doing this after a string of arguments these past few weeks. It has been hard on both of us because we’ve been so stressed out with work and this weather hasn’t helped one bit so to just let loose, have a low key weekend was very relieving. Of course, I won… not really. I lost. I got shoved on the floor (mind you, playfully) and he was suffocating through his giggles and I was laughing too because I landed on the floor suffocating on my giggles, too. There was nothing graceful the way I landed on the floor. I thought of having another glass so he decided to buy me a small version of wine. By the time he got back, I was under the covers (it got cold) on the bed, curled on my side watching Netflix and smiling at him. He was blah blah blahing and I blah blah blahed back with a smile and then he blah blah blahed some more, which I heard and he was very endearing. I wanted to protest and tell him that he was more than enough, which I did… because he was pouring his heart out to me but I didn’t say anything back anymore. I just smiled at him and nodded while my eyes started to close because I knew that we were a little soaked down with alky. I just let him pour his sweet heart out. I smiled and said, “Okie, Haney, I’m going to sleep now…” And I slowly closed my eyes and continued to smile. I could hear Family Guy in the background and my Honey rustling in the background digging in my purse. “Wait… don’t you have to take your medication?”

“Mhmmmmmmmm…” I knew this, but I knew that he would remind me and would pass them to me eventually.

“Here…Which one is it?”

“There’s only one bottle, honey. I put all of them in one.”

“Um, no, you have another bottle in here.”

I looked up and pointed to them, “Here they are…”

Next thing I know I was comfortably on his chest getting my hair gently stroked and I was lulled to sleep.

So, it was a really fun Friday. Lots of giggles and wrestling into a pretzel that I obviously did not win. Butt naked falling all over the place and getting scratched by his laundry basket, but it’s all good. Apologizing fast and repetitively for this OCD ass was perfect. And, sleep is all I needed. And voila, I’m back in my bed again, every light bulb is on, a candle lit, Jazz Holiday in the background, raindrops tip tapping dancing outside my window and the only thing missing now is a cup of pumpkin latte which I think I might make myself right now and write another blog… *burp*

And remember… respond. Go beyond… and RISE.

Word Count: 858


Alright, that’s it. It’s time to recuperate. I’m tired today. My mind is alert but I’m pissed off that the rain won. How? Because I had my hoodie on and I sprinted from one end of the street to the parking lot and my hoodie fell off and my hair got wet. I almost let a bitch stranger win, too but I handled that pretty well today. I’m tired, though. It’s weird because I am mentally awake, but I don’t want to move and I think it’s because of this weather so I’m in bed listening to some Jazz Holiday, candles lit and every fucking light-bulb in the room is on. I don’t have day-light lamps or whatever they’re called but as soon as I get my next paycheck, that’s the first thing I’m going to buy. I will invest in more than one because this depression is no fucking joke. I gotta’ keep investing in myself in order to be productive. It’s a cycle and it starts from within.

Anyway, I am always busy and productive. I make sure it’s productive busy and I was going to go straight to the office today after lunch but I’m tired so I’m going to work in bed for the day. I also gave myself a treat and made chocolate chip pancakes for lunch. Yes, after my errands this late morning, I was actually driving pretty slow through the parking lot area and some bitch was crossing in front of me and I didn’t see her until she was actually in front of me. Mind you, I was going hella’ slow, like 3 mph slow and I waved and said sorry with a smile and she fucking mouthed out to me to “STOP”. She must suck big dicks because it didn’t take a genius to read her mouth. I was like, “Damn. What a bitch.” I could have gone out of my way and said, “GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY WAY, BITCH. IMA GO BIPOLAR BORDERLINE PERSONALITY DISORDER UP IN YOUR ASS CUNT ASS MOTHER FUCKER.” But, no. I didn’t. I’m a very sweet girl. I just smiled and waved “sorry”. Then the caring voice inside of me was like, “What the fuck? Holy crap, what’s her problem? Where’s her car at? Ima key that bitch’s car. Where’s it at?” And I’m like, “Don’t worry about it. That’s on her. Not on you. Please, move on from it. We have a lot of shit to do today. Don’t let her rent space in your head.” And, then I was like, “Yeah, I know. But, I swear, every fucking time we go to this fucking store some idiot does some shit and I have to deal with it.” Now, see, if I didn’t have OCD and mood swings, I would have let this go and I wouldn’t even be blogging about it. AND, I was shopping for fun. I had to really focus to enjoy shopping and I was able to do that because I gave myself a treat… CHOCOLATE CHIPS!! Semi-sweet. They’re yummy when you bake ‘em because they soak into the ingredients and taste bitter-sweet. Mmm… so, I went into the store, got what I needed and then I came back out and looked around for her trying to figure out which one was her car because I was really, really pissed! I seriously wanted to key this bitch’s car. And you already know that I wanted to do this to somebody else’s car but my Wise Mind told me not to. Instead, I just slid my hand across the body of their car, which by the way was fun… and again my voice to myself was like, “Where she at. I’m serious. I’ll fucking key her shit.” And then I said, “I know you will.” And then, “No, I’m fucking serious, ima key that bitch’s car.” And then I responded back with, “Yes, I know. Let’s just go.” And it went on like this while I was in the car, repeated it again, while I was backing out, repeated it some more, then I was driving away, and finally the conversation drifted away as I parked into a different parking lot to go buy me some chocolate chips. Then this is what I told myself. “If I buy you chocolate chips for your damn pancakes, you have to promise me to let this go.” … “OKAY!” 😀 There. Everyone’s happy. Done. I blogged about it. I’m good. Done. I’ll most probably tell My Honey what happened, and tell him my little convo in my head and gave myself a treat like a little kid to let this whole thing go. Dude, if you only saw her face, she was totally over-reacting. Take note: She REACTED. Obviously, somebody needs work. I mean, there were hella’ cars out there! I had to stop FOR THEM. She had to walk right up in front of me. It’s like she wanted to get in the way to yell AT ME. This is why I don’t yell or do crazy shit when I’m in my car though, because you just never know who is in the receiving end… in her case, I WAS on the receiving end. She was just lucky I didn’t key her car in, because I totally would have. I know you would… no, I’m serious… I really would have this time… yes, Kel, I know, seriously…. Remember, you’d let this go if I get you your chocolate chips… yes, I know, but you believe me, right… yep. Just next time, yell back at them and tell them to get out of the fucking way…

There they are, ready to melt into my pancake mix. Shoko-lit-ships Pan-kicks.

but then they might key MY CAR… exactly, or they could be crazy. No, wait. Crazy? Oh no! Crazy! Crazy people scare me!… /sarcasm. This blog is outta’ control… for reals… lol I’m done. I’m sugar high off my chocolate chip pancakes… lol I’m seriously done for now lol… but, seriously… I really would have… right?… NAH. I’m too old for that shit… I’m supposed to RISE… she’s the one who REACTED. My duty is to rise. So… I rose. And treated myself with… shokolate-sheep-pan-keekz. And everything is all good in da hood…. yo.

And remember, kids. When someone bitches at you because they have a miserable life and want to take it out on you in the rain… just smile and know that you are the bigger person because you know that at the end of the day, there are chocolate chips waiting for you. Amen.

Go beyond… and RISE… for chocolate chips.

Disclaimer: And no, I would not key her car. I would not stoop that low for anybody.

Word Count: 1,115


I’ve heard it enough times to know that my answer WAS “fear”, but the only thing I’m really scared of (not including spiders, really) is being laid off. I have had a string of bad luck with being laid off. That’s it. This is a good thing. If that’s the only thing I’m scared of, imagine the things that I could accomplish in my life. This means that I am no longer afraid to go for my dreams, I am no longer afraid to pursue my passions and more importantly, I am no longer afraid to fart in public. I would love to fart discreetly and see if anybody heard it. Or, even better, see if anybody could smell a quiet, but deadly fart. Ha. But, on a serious note… if it’s not fear that’s hindering me from completing a commitment, then what is it, because I don’t have fear holding me back anymore and I just realized what it is: comfort. It’s not seeking comfort. It’s being comfortable. It’s the slope after the peak of the hump. It’s after all the hype, the excitement and then I just stop. I stop there. I forget and then I slump into this comfort zone and then everything becomes stale. Now that I know what it is, I will make sure that when this happens, I will make sure to do something about it. Instead of feeling this mental plateau, I will make sure to have a new project or assignment ready for myself. This is a state of mind challenge so I’m going to have to have a calendar and put stickers on it because that is what works for me right now. If you want to commit to something, to really commit and stick to something, then use… stickers (YESSSSSS PUUUNNN INTEEENNNNDED). They work for me. It worked in Middle School in my Art Class throughout the year and we earned a movie night with pop corn in class. There’s nothing more rewarding than watching a movie in a classroom, snacking in the that classroom AND getting away with it because WE CAN. I have a point here though… I am advancing. Finally. No wonder I kept quitting. I achieve something and then, “That’s it?” And then… that’s it? I didn’t know at that time that I had stopped working on myself, that I had given up. I didn’t know that working on my self-esteem would be a full time job, 24/7… my health 24/7… that it doesn’t stop once you achieve something. That “something” is a MILE-STONE. After that, you advance to the next one and if you don’t have another one, then MAKE ONE. And then MAKE ANOTHER ONE, KEL. So, that’s where I’m at. Comfortable. I’m not comfortable right NOW, so I am inspired and fired up with lots of fuel to end this year with a big ass bang and boy am I going out with a big bang. Happiness is when your thoughts, words are in harmony with your actions. I paraphrased it but it’s by Mahatma Gandhi. That’s where I’m at right now. Soon…. The dust will settle and I will sit down and get into a routine and when “comfortable” comes around, I’m going to stand right in front of its face and say, “I am now going to advance past you.” I am going to find the next uncomfortable mile-stone that will get me to a higher place where I have not gone before. I will continue to break the insanity. What’s next? Stage 1 is done. I’ve done so many Stage 1’s in my life. Starting is half the battle. The first step is half the battle. I did that so many times. It’s easy to start over, but the challenge AFTER THAT…the plateau. Are you ready for that? And, when you get there, what are you going to do about it? For me? I don’t know YET. But, I know I have control over my life because my future is tomorrow, my past is my past and my present is now. And the rest… I leave it up to God. So if there’s anything I can take out of my own journal entry is this: What’s next? Don’t get comfortable. Take the next Stage. Stage 2…345678910 100%

That’s something to think about. I will create 10 stages to each challenge of the different aspects of my life:




Physical etc…

That’ll be interesting… FO SHO

It’s the 10th again. My 30-day experiment of listening to Motivational Speakers has been completed. I’ll write about that some other time. 30 days… can you imagine? It’s changed my thinking already… imagine if I did this for the rest… of my life? It’s possible.

So… like I’ve mentioned in my earlier posts… *sigh* This one is for My Honey. FAMILY GUY. Omg… lol For my next 30-day Experiment, I will be watching Family Guy for 30 days straight in a row. Today…is… Day 1. Sweet mother… lol shit… Season 1 Episode 1. .. here weeeee goooooo lol shit…. Lol

(ps I love Family Guy… but.. 30 days? Every night? Lol I’m going to start quoting them like I do with motivational speakers hahah)

Burdz da WARD!!! Buh buh buhhhhrdz, da WARD!!!

And remember… go beyond. And RISE.

Word Count: 882